Gabriel Bey | About
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My name is Gabriel Bey and I am dedicated to the “Advancement of Quality of Life”


Chief Creative Officer at Moorish Manor Publishing, Management & Moor, I am a Composer, Publisher, Facilitator, Trumpeter and Leader of the band, Spooky Kool, Your Friend in the Spiritual Age, where you can experience the best in “Head Boppin’ Jazz.”


I am the architect of the entrepreneur program entitled the HUB which is developing a Phased approach to expanding the valley into the center for Music and Film while building “World-Class” facilities with advanced technologies, including the development of new transportation systems. All-purpose facilities serving every social aspect of life and Advancing the Quality of Life valley-wide.


The initial phase begins with creating community events and activities that incorporate the Arts and provide non-conventional events for residents throughout the Valley!


The history of event creation is well documented, but only after attending a CISCO sponsored Challenge at an ASU PODER course, did the orchestration of this program begin in earnest, with the collaboration of Government Agencies and Municipalities introduced to implementing the program.


This collective effort is driven with the goal to attract more economic development, facilities research for feasible construction, community outreach, with services that will serve the needs of all citizens. and draw artists, and associated industries to the valley.


My Vision is to elevate and expand the Music and Film industries within Arizona. Advance the Quality of Life for its citizens and visitors. My immediate focus is currently on Artists Development and Music Publishing.


I look forward to engaging and working with you.